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The Lyme Garden

A place for Lyme kids and their families to relax.

Kids Forum Start Discussion

Talk about whatever is on your mind but please keep in mind these few simple rules:

  • no sharing personal info - if you want to contact each other off-site, check with your grown-up and only exchange emails - there are a lot of bad people out there
  • no flaming, trolling, spamming, excessive bumping, bullying...yaddayaddayadda...basically, be nice! Show a little respect and let people feel safe saying what they want and without having their posts buried.
  • Keep in mind little ones could be reading and posting here too so I'd appreciate it if you'd keep the language clean

Simple? Cool!

Now go!


Go type something!

Have your say!

Have fun!

Are you still reading this?


Did you go yet? ....just checking.

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