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A place for Lyme kids and their families to relax.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

We at The Lyme Garden are planning on having lots of fun with Lyme Disease Awareness Month and hope you will join in. A new page is now live with info, links and hopefully lots of pics from people having fun and spreading awareness. There will also be some inexpensive items you can purchase to help you spread awareness and have a little fun doing it.

Notice I seem to be a little obsessed with the fun? I have a theory that if you're having fun, others will notice and want to join in. Next thing you know, you have lots of people involved in learning and spreading awareness of Lyme Disease and it won't ever feel like work! How cool!

If you have pics, know of something that should be added, or know of any big events coming up that you'd like others to know about, fire off a message to so I can get it up on the site. This is something I'd love the kids to get involved in too. No matter how big or small, their contributions are just as important. Has your child been wearing lime green nail polish or shoe laces for Lyme Month? Have they tied green ribbons all over your car or the neighbour's tree? Great! I'd love to have a picture to put up on the site.

Looking forward to having fun with you!

You can find the awesome new page here: Lyme Green May

Welcome to The Lyme Garden

Hello, my name is Magicfuzzies (we only use screen-names here) and this is all the preamble stuff about this site.

I have a child with Lyme. Like most kids, we don't know when he was infected, but he was, and here we are. While surfing the net I noticed thousands upon thousands of info sites about Lyme but nowhere for Lyme kids to hang out with other Lyme kids. So I, with the help of my son, created The Lyme Garden. The Lyme Garden is simply a place for Lyme kids and their grown-ups to relax and play.

Here, you can play games and chat or just hang out with kids and their grown-ups who are dealing with Lyme. There will be some discussions and links about Lyme but this is mainly meant for relaxing.

Rule Section: (let's get this over-with now, shall we?)

There is a section for grown-ups to chat and play and a special kids-only section. Grown-ups are welcome to come in to the kids section to see what's happening or help their little ones chat in the forums but it was designed for kids who might need a break from grownups for a bit. What makes a kid versus a grown-up? Well, if you have a grown-up responsible for your care, we'll call you a kid. If you're the responsible one, you're stuck being the grown-up...sorry.

Respect is a big rule I have here...okay, it's pretty much the only rule. There are as many presentations and treatments of Lyme as there are people and their walks of life. Please play nice.

Please, no sharing of personal information on the site. Okay, I was wrong, I have two rules but this one is pretty much a no-brainer safety thing. There are kids around, let's help keep them safe and respect everyone's privacy. Ooh! I just covered both rules with one statement!

I take privacy very seriously and want this to be a safe place for kids. Please help your kids remember (never assume they know) not to give out their info either. No names, addresses or other contact info, birthdays...let's not make it easier for the bad people out there.

So, I guess this is where I should add a Privacy Policy....

OK! Here goes.....

Privacy Policy

I take your privacy and the safety of our kids VERY seriously. When you signed up with you gave them some information so you could be a member of this site. I get to see your profile info and I have a copy of your name and email address. I don't collect any other information. I might, on rare occasions, send out an email to let you know about something that's happening on The Lyme Garden. If you don't want to receive those emails, send me a message and I'll take you off the email list. I don't keep your info for any other reason than I just mentioned. I never share your info with third parties. You may want to double-check the Privacy Policy of to make sure of their terms before registering though.

*   *   *   *   *

If you like what you see, please consider donating to help keep this site running. You can either make a one-time donation or contact me to set up a monthly donation. I'm not a registered charity so I can only give you a nice place to play and a happy conscience in return.Thank you :)


Enter through the gate and enjoy your time here.


Grown-ups Entrance                                 Kids Garden      


 * a quick note to the grown-ups: I've tried to make the Kids Garden as safe as possible but I can't guarantee that safety is taken as seriously by the original host sites of the material I use. Please be aware of what your kids are up to...especially if they click away from this site.


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